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Privacy Notice

Note: Developers of consumer health technology or apps (“health technology developers”) that collect digital health data about individuals would use this template to disclose to consumers the developer’s privacy and security policies. "We" refers to the health technology developer or technology product and "you/your" refers to the user/consumer of the health technology. is a HIPAA Covered Entity

Some of the health data we collect as part of this website also are protected by HIPAA. Read our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices ( for more information.

Use: How we use your data internally

We collect and use your identifiable data:

  • to aid You fullfill your compliancy requirements for clinical roation training and/or school orientation/onboarding.
  • to aid Your school’s ability to determine Your eligibility to participate in clinical rotations.
  • to aid clinical site's ability to determine Your eligibility to participate in clinical rotations at their facility.

You are not legally required to provide these information, but if You do not, You may be ineligible to participate in clinical rotations or admission.

Share: How we share your data externally with other companies or entities

We share your data:

  • with your school.
  • with hospitals where you will attend clinical rotations.
  • with background check and drug screen provider, however, only your contact information, date of birth and social security number.

Proctected health information is not shared or seen by third parties; bui only by your school and clinical sites that you have been scheduled.

Sell: Do we sell your data?

We do NOT sell your data to anyone.

Store: How we store your data

Stored Data Is it stored?
Are your data stored on the device? Yes
Are your data stored outside the device at our company or through a third party? Yes

Encryption: How we encrypt your data

Encrypted Data Is it encrypted?
Does the app or technology encrypt your data? Yes, by default
Is document stored on user device encrypted? Yes, if device has encryption enabled
Does the app or technology encrypt your data when stored on our company servers or with an outside services provider? Yes, by default
Does the app or technology use encryption to encrypt your data while it is transmitted? Yes, by default

Privacy: How this technology accesses other data

Other Data Is it accessed?
Will this technology or app request access to other device data or applications, such as your phone’s camera, photos, or contacts? No
Does this technology or app allow you to share the collected data with your social media accounts, like Facebook? No

User Options: What you can do with the data that we collect

Can you access, edit, share, or delete the data we have about you?

Yes, you can
  • access your data
  • edit your data
  • share your data
  • delete your data

Step 1) Click on Requirements menu to view list of data items we currently have about you.
Step 2) Click on My Account link to disable your account.
Step 3) Email us at to request deletion of your account and data.

What happens to your data when your account is deactivated

When your account is deactivated/terminated by you or the company, your data is Deleted after 90 days

Policy Changes: How we will notify you if our privacy policy changes

Step 1) Any changes to privacy policy will be emailed to your primary email address.
Step 2) Updated policy will be posted on site.

Breach: How we will notify you and protect your data in case of an improper disclosure

System32, Inc. complies with all applicable laws regarding breaches. will immediately change encryption key and HIPAA storage location to avoid further data breach. Users of the site will be notified immediately of the breach and whether their data was accessed. Furthermore, will investigate and fix the vulnerability with highest priority.

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